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NEWS : Poème Rocks on T-Shirt OMS !






Nous avons eu la bonne surprise de recevoir le poème le plus rock'n'roll du moment sur notre page Myspace posté par une certaine Nata'Lee.

Elle a utilisée les noms des t-shirts d'Original Music Shirt pour faire ceci :


"It was on a blue monday... That was the day music saved my life.
Where is my mind? Always thinking: Sara, perche ti amo??? I was saying: "to be in love with you is everything"...
But then my friends Louie & Kenny & India & Barbara came. We had to meet Juan & Kevin & Jeff & Derrick. I didn't know what to do: Should I stay or should I go???
Seeing me like this, Barbara said to make me laugh: "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me???" But as I even didn't smile, they knew there was a problem....
So "Let's dance!!!", said Juan
-I hate dancing, I answered...
-But You should be dancing! they all said !
And then they put music on the stereo. But not Mozart & Beethoven & Chopin & Brahms & Tchaikovsky. The put something that rock the beat!!! Something really cool! Do you remember hip hop? Something close to that! Something that rock the casbah anyway!
And I realised that I like to move it move it! So I said, please don't stop the music! That's true my beloved friends, music sounds better with you! It's harder, better, faster, stronger! And i feel violently happy now...!
I realised I had sympathy for the devil with her. But that's the way love is...
That was a divine idylle but boy's don't cry. I will no longer say now "I wanna be your dog" to that girl... Never...
Now I only think Relax, take it easy. I even enjoy the silence... I'm just planning climbing up the walls to go to El Golfo de Mexico, wearing my OMS Shirt......"


Sympa dans l'esprit, non ?